Top 5 Mickey Mouse Facts

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Mickey Mouse celebrated his 88th Birthday on Friday 18th November. To celebrate the Disney icon’s big day we have unearthed some facts that you might not know about the big mouse.

1) Mickey Mouse has always had perfectly circular ears. Honestly, look them up. Get on Google images and take a look. Even when he is moving they have always been perfectly circular.

2) Mickey might not have been called Mickey. Originally Walt Disney was going to call him “Mortimer”. Could you  imagine calling him “Mortimer Mouse”. We honestly can’t imagine that idea. Thankfully Walt’s wife stepped in and managed to convince him of the change.

3) Carrying on with the possibility of a different name, the world famous mouse is known differently in other countries. Depending on where you go you will find several versions of his name. For example in Italy he is known as “Topolino” and in Japan he is “Mikki Mausu”.

4) Mickey has not always been on good terms with Disney. In 1998 Mickey had a disagreement with Disney over pay which resulted in him going on strike at Disneyland Paris for a short period of time.

5) Lastly, Mickey did his part in WWII. During the D-Day operation in 1944 the allied forces used Mickey Mouse as a secret password. This allowed allied troops to communicate and manoeuvre effectively without running the risk of enemy interception.

We all hope to see Mickey continue entertaining children and adults alike for another 88 years and we also hope to be able to look back and have even more fun facts to look over when that time comes. For now, all we would like to say is, “Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!!!”

Do you agree with our list? Are there any facts you can think of that should have made the list? If so leave a comment below.

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