Top 5 TV Shows From 2016

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2016 has been an interesting year for TV. Some shows are coming to an end (and it’s about time!), while others have only just begun. Just what have been the top TV shows this year?

We’ve tried to look for shows in different genres. Our favourites tend to be the fantasy or sci-fi shows, but there are just so many others out there! Not all TV shows are on the main networks, either! We can’t forget the Netflix and Amazon original shows.

So, without any further delay, here’s a look at our top 5 TV shows from 2016.

#5. This Is Us

One of the newer shows on TV and definite one worth tuning into if you love real-life drama. You’ll laugh at, cry with, get mad at, and smile at so many of the storylines. Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia portray two wonderful parents to their triplets, even if they’re not the triplets they expected to have.

We then have the other timeline storyline with Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz, and Justin Hartley as they navigate their mid-30s and realise their lives aren’t quite where they wanted them to be.

This is one show that brings so many people together and touches on subjects like homophobia, racism, death, and so much more. There’s a storyline for everyone and plenty to get hooked on.

#4. Westworld

If anyone had told you in 2015 that HBO would create another highly successful series in 2016, most people would have questioned it. If anyone had said that that HBO series would have had Anthony Hopkins, most people would have laughed.

Well, it turns out that it was possible. Westworld has come out as a well-plotted and well-written TV show. It was full of hype based on the trailers and definitely didn’t disappoint. The show is set in an artificial intelligence mid-western world, where people pay to live out fantasies. Of course, it’s not as peaceful as it originally seemed.

The downside is that it is yet another TV show based on a movie. It’s not quite an amazingly original idea. But at least there is a future for this, unlike another show that hits our list. This is the only downside and the adaptation is certainly worthy of its source material.

#3. Game of Thrones

Of course this HBO show had to hit the top 10 list. Game of Thrones Season 6 was the first year where there was no source material. All viewers were in the same position: they had no idea how the storylines would play out.

Would Jon Snow live? Would Sansa Stark be trapped with Ramsey Bolton again? Would Cersei be overthrown by her daughter-in-law?

It was another 10 hours of tense relationships, questionable decisions, strong women, and cunning men. What wasn’t to love about this season?

#2. Frequency

Our second TV show on the list that was based on a movie. Frequency kept the basic premise of the movie, but with a few twists. We’re still to see how the Nightingale killer storyline will play out since the Season 1 finale hasn’t aired yet, but it looks like there could be some similarities.

Frequency the TV series has pushed the timeline forward compared to the movie. It’s set in the modern day, with Julie Sullivan instead of John. We get to see a strong woman in the lead role, who clearly doesn’t need a man in her life but would like one—her boyfriend Daniel.

Time travel could make a TV show extremely confusing. TV shows like Charmed and Supernatural have tried it in the past, but fans have glazed over at the thoughts. Frequency has kept the science fiction part relatively simple, focusing more on the relationships, the Nightingale killer, and the bond between father and daughter more.

You can read more about our thoughts on Frequency here.

#1. Man in the High Castle

While this TV show is based on a book, it is also one that has taken on a life of its own. Man in the High Castle Season 1 told us the story of Julianna Crane and Joe Blake, as they come together for the same purpose: films from the Man in the High Castle. We were left with Jules helping Joe escape the resistance with the latest film.

Season 2 picked straight up from that, as Joe fights with his Nazi side and Julianna has to deal with the mess she left behind. Meanwhile her boyfriend Frank deals with the resistance and Obergrubbenfuhrer John Smith has to decide if he is going to kill his son due to his physical disability.

There are still so many questions we have about this show. We do learn who the Man in the High Castle is this season and see more of Nazi Berlin, while finding out about where the movies come from. It definitely hasn’t lost its touch and we’re so excited to learn that it has got a third season!

Do you agree with our list? What were your top 5 TV shows of 2016? Feel free to tell us in the comments below.

Author: Alexandria Gunn

Introducing the chief blogger of FanNews, Alexandria is an Ontario freelance writer, blogger and journalist who does all that while being a wife and mother of two girls.

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