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Why ‘Charmed’ Fans Want a REAL ‘Charmed’ Reboot

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I am going to say this as a Charmed fan. The proposed Charmed reboot won’t survive past the first season. And that’s if it even gets a full first season. As FanNews shared earlier this week, this is a show that is destined to fail.

You know why? Because it’s not the reboot that Charmed fans wanted.

It doesn’t take too much effort to find out that other Charmed fans think the same. Fans aren’t saying that we don’t want a reboot at all, but we want the right reboot. An actual reboot. Because let’s face it, the CW’s idea isn’t actually a reboot.

But let’s avoid the negatives for today. Let’s look at what made us fall in love with Charmed in the first place and the things that so many other shows about witches have failed since.

Charmed Reboot
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It Wasn’t Just About the Magic

A successful show isn’t a success because of magic. We just have to look at Supernatural, which has recently been confirmed for Season 13, and NCIS to know that the basic premise doesn’t help a show succeed.

Charmed had something that both Supernatural and NCIS have: family. Sure, it’s not always about conventional family, but there is a family element.

Fans have admitted that the reboot could work with unrelated witches if they were childhood friends. That can be just like having family around.

In fact, Charmed lost the family element through the years and this is something that contributed to the fall in ratings. What was once a show about three sisters who happened to be witches turned into a show about three witches who just happened to be sisters.

We’re Invested in the Characters

Over the eight years that Charmed was on air, we became invested in the characters. We cared about how they married and the children they had. We cared about their friendships and how the relationships between them developed.

A real reboot would either retell the story or would continue the story from the eighth season.

By branding it a Charmed reboot, we instantly got excited about seeing our favourite characters again. We want to know what they’re up to now and how they’re handling having families and fighting demons. We were excited to see the children grow up with their powers and learn to protect innocents.

That’s why we could have gotten onboard with the idea of a prequel. We’d be happy to know more about Penny and Patty Halliwell. We’d love to know more about how Patty and Victor met and how Sam Wilder and Patty fell in love. Fans wanted to know how the story of giving Paige up for adoption played out. Yes, we know the ending, but we want to see the story play out on screen.

We Want to See the Four Sisters Together

Something we never got to see during the eight years was all the four sisters on screen together. Okay, so Prue did die before Paige came into the Halliwells’ lives, but there are ways that all four sisters could have been together.

Let’s start with the fact that Paige admitted that she’d come to P3 when she believed the Halliwells were her biological family. This would have before Prue’s death, so we could have seen that storyline play out in flashbacks. Maybe Prue and Paige met at some point without even realising. At one point Paige and Phoebe found themselves in Piper and Leo’s memories where they saw the back of Prue (played by another actress), so it certainly is possible. One fan has even shared how those flashbacks could have worked.

Another option would be for Prue to come back as a ghost. This happened plenty of times with Penny and Patty, so why not with Prue?

How about the idea of Prue coming back as a whitelighter? This is something that some fans would like to see, if witches can become whitelighters. There are some debates over this since Prue would likely tell The Elders where to stick it, but it’s still a way for Prue and Paige to meet.

In short, we just want to see all four together on screen together. We need to see that moment of Prue and Paige meeting. This really is our main reason for being onboard with a REAL Charmed reboot.

This proposed Charmed reboot could have worked out as the show it intends to be. If the CW wanted to get fans of the original show onboard, it would have been better to avoid the name Charmed out altogether. It’s clear the CW is basing it on the hype that we want to see the original show reboot, but hasn’t wanted to deliver our exact dreams.

What do you think about the idea of this reboot? As a Charmed fan, do you agree with the idea of a REAL reboot? Will you give the CW’s proposed idea a chance?

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