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‘Winds of Winter’ Coming This Year Says George R. R. Martin

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‘Game of Thrones’ fans may be a getting a much awaited for moment this year as author George R.  R. Martin makes a big claim in response to a blog post.

George R. R. Martin, creator of the book series ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’, which inspired the much loved HBO TV series ‘A Game of Thrones’, has laid claims that the highly anticipated 6th instalment of the book series, ‘The Winds of Winter’ will be completed at the end of this year.

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The news by the author himself came in response to a fans blog post. Martin discusses other topics as well, however, suggests he believes that the book is almost ready now and he expects that it shall be released sometime this year.

Fans have been waiting for the book to be released ever since the last book, ‘A Dance with Dragons’, was published back in 2011. The book series has had significant yearly lapses between publications however since the beginning of the HBO TV series, which has now surpassed the current storyline in the book series and will now go it alone with some direction from Martin, popularity for the books has certainly grown and the pressure by fans is significant.

Before fans get too excited at the idea of a new book it should be known that promises have been made in the past and delays no doubt due to spin off stories and various other reasons have caused the publication date to come and go with no materialisation of a book. Martin himself does state in his blog comment that despite feeling that it will be ready this year he did feel like that year.

Hopefully, this will be the year of ‘The Winds of Winter’ as it has certainly been a patient wait which is starting to wear thin. What do you think of the news? Do you think it will materialise this year?

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